URL Parameters to download PDF of Estimate

Is there a URL parameter that you could feed to the https://XXXX.syncromsp.com/estimates page that would just download the estimate PDF? Like https://XXXX.syncromsp.com/estimates/123456?download=PDF or something like that? A simple URL.

Hey Chuck! I wasn’t able to locate any such slug for generating a PDF. That does seem handy though, I could submit it as a feature request.

I figured out how it is generated. Using Fiddler I found the link the button on the page generates. Example is https://pdf.repairshopr.com/api/v1/pdfs/estimates/letter/123456.pdf?token=XXXXXXXXXX
It would be great though if the URL would just redirect to that so the link is simple by just including the estimate number. Even better is creating this path and parameters for all pages that generate a pdf. For us non-programmer types. Although I am learning more about it everyday.

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Started building a Chrome Extension that extracted that info from the page. Here is a small snipped in a context script that gets me the link.

var estimatePDF = document

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