URGENT Syncro appears to be crashing system wide and getting worse quickly

We can’t perform multiple functions within the syncro system. It first hit our employees in Texas, not Washington employees are seeing the isuse.

None of the following are working for us:

  • Searches
  • Adding assets to new tickets
  • Clicking Create on ‘new ticket page’
  • Clicking email within a ticket comment
  • Navigating to other tabs with an asset page
  • The list goes on. Please look into this asap

Hi Joel, the best way to get ahold of us immediately is to use the chat button on the bottom right-hand side of this forum, or if it is not available, to call in at (856) 579-6276. We will follow up with you now.

Issues have been resolved. I did try to call, but only got voicemail with a call back 45mins later. Thankfully, it seems like an upstream carrier issue that was nationwide today must have been involved. Thanks for your attention

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