Uploading HTML files to an Asset

I am building an HTML file in a script to upload a report to the Syncro asset.

When I upload an HTML file to Syncro and try to access it from the asset, it seems to be not the same file I uploaded. If I change the file extension of the uploaded file to .TXT, it downloads fine. I can then rename it .html and it renders properly.

Anyone else experience this? Is this a bug? My other thoughts is this may be related to security software on my computer?

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Never done this, but some things to keep in mind: CSS, Java, Images, etc will need to be off site reachable. Any issues with that and it can cause it to look funky pretty quickly.

File Upload Restrictions:

  • Accepted file size is less than 20MB.
  • 15 Files can be uploaded on a Ticket
  • Confirmed working File types:
    • zip,
    • csv,
    • xlsx,
    • txt,
    • doc,
    • rtf,
    • pdf,
    • jpeg,
    • png,
    • HEIC,
    • htm,
    • MP4,
    • json,
    • exe,
    • msi,
    • dmp.

Build it, zip it, upload it. That’s the best workaround for HTML file uploads I’ve been able to find.

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the issue seems to be not only related to files uploaded through scripts but it appears sometimes Sometimes to be related to email attachments as well.

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Have you tried to make it just a htm instead of html?

If it helps, the PowerShell command to create a .ZIP file is: Compress-Archive $studyOutput -DestinationPath $outputZip -CompressionLevel Fastest

I think I had tried HTM as well. Since I looked at this. I just decided to upload them as TXT files and then rename them when I want to view them. zipping the file makes it very inconvenient for viewing them as well you have to download it unzip it view it.

This really seems like a bug that needs to be addressed.

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Just surprise htm doesnt work though considering htm and html are the same thing short of of making sure any css and js calls can be made publicly.