Updating [Enable Portal User] through PUT CONTACTS

When extracting the properties of a contact using the GET …/api/v1/contacts/ there is no property returned representing the status of the [Enable Portal User] flag on a contact record that I can find. Has anyone successfully read and/or written to it through the API?

Someone was asking over on Facebook about bulk enabling portal users, and was taking a swipe at helping them out with an API fix, but ran into a roadblock with this. (Not to mention my JSON skills are somewhat amateur.)


Hi Jeremy,

Your body (in PowerShell) should be something like the following to create a portal user.

    $Body = @{
        customer_id           = $CustomerID
        contact_id            = $ContactID
        password              = $Password
        password_confirmation = $Password
        email                 = $Email
        portal_group_id       = <portal_group_id_here>
    } | ConvertTo-Json
$SyncroHeaders = @{
    "Authorization" = "Bearer APIKEYHERE"
    "Accept"        = "application/json"

$Results = Invoke-WebRequest -Method POST -Uri "your.syncro.domain.here/portal_users" -Headers $SyncroHeaders -Body $Body -UseBasicParsing -ContentType "application/json"



Oh boy… I didn’t even notice that there was a portal users section. Thanks!

Good afternoon,
I’m running into a problem with associating a contact to an asset. I can’t seem to be able achieve this via the swagger interface either. Can you please help? Maybe I’m missing something?

Below is what I’m trying. Leaving our my subdomain.

URL: https://xxxxx.syncromsp.com/api/v1//customer_assets/4785206
JSON body:
“contact_id”: 1554504

Same issue in Postman:

I am unable to test it since the API page is not building the request URL properly at the moment… But, where are you getting the contact_id you’re passing from?

Good evening, I’m getting the contact ID from another api call. I can send you a screenshot if you need in the AM.