Updates/scripts running on schedule

Third week in a row that Windows updates are not running on our assets as scheduled. MANY are not running scheduled scripts either (but not all). Support ticket created and it is with Developers. Besides the fact that it is not working and we are charging for patching it makes us look bad.
We have a script that runs and sends a pop up message on Thursday afternoon letting users know their machines will be updated that night and rebooted. They come in the next day and the messages is still up…
We have a few sites that require the OS to be fully patched before third party LOB apps will allow an update- they are wondering why their machines are not up to date…
ARGHHHHH- I really hope this is a priority issue but three weeks seems like it is either impossible to fix or it isn’t a priority.

Hi @mark3,

Can you provide me with that ticket number?

I believe it is 104521 based on the ticket communication-






I think the forced reboot does not work. Had the same problem with all servers since the patching policy got reworked.

If you are referring to the forced reboot that are part of the patch management engine, that is not my issue.
I have several scripts set to run on Thursday’s- they all seem to run except the Syncro Reboot Script which is scheduled to run at 10 pm- it just disappears from the queue / doesn’t run and then changes the next run time to the following Thursday.
Not sure about the forced reboot with patches since most of them aren’t patching either and thus not rebooting there as well…

Another Thursday night and 25 companies have reboots scheduled for 10 pm on workstations. 15 ran correctly and 10 DIDN’T REBOOT. The scheduled script just disappears and now shows as scheduled for 8/4/2022. No pattern that I can discern. Some companies ran correctly last week and not this week. So I guess I will manually go through them all and send them reboot commands through screenconnect. It’s gotten to the point where I’m manually doing more RMM activities that Syncro…
Will spend this weekend manually running updates on machines since updates are working on some companies’ assets and not others…