Upcoming Syncro Focus Group - CSAT Surveys

Hey everyone, we are looking for a handful of MSPs to join in a private discussion around Customer Satisfaction Surveys. The discussions will take place here on our community forums in a private category. To be clear, this is a whiteboarding exercise and it does not mean this feature is in planning currently, or would ever be developed.

If you are interested in participating, here are the requirements:

  • You are familiar with CSAT surveys and your MSP actively uses them or has used them on a regular basis in the past
  • You’ll need to be able to participate in the discussion here on these forums at least multiple times per week
  • Only one user per MSP may apply

MSPs of all sizes are welcome to participate. Please PM me here on the forums and please detail your familiarity with CSAT surveys, and be sure to include your Syncro subdomain as well. Those that are chosen to participate will be sent further instructions.


We just finished building a CSAT interface that is run within Syncro. I’d be happy to provide input. I’ll be more active now that I’m on the discourse app.

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Can you describe further how you were able to build this within Syncro?

Hey everyone, I am going to close this post. I apologize, the focus group work already occurred and I never closed this post like I should have. Thank you everyone for your interest, and there will be more opportunities like this one in the future.