Uninstall Software on Assets from Background Tools

It would be extremely helpful if we had a background tool that could uninstall software from assets.

Our current need:
We used to use Malwarebytes - now using webroot…it would be great if by the click of a button Malwarebytes would uninstall as opposed to us having to login to every asset and uninstall.

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Unfortunately this isn’t really possible like we’d like it to be. There are many types of installers, some of which allow for silent/command line uninstalls, some do not. And even some that are capable, the application developers have made it so the silent removal doesn’t work due to throwing up some prompt or warning. Lots of security products can’t be removed without interactive prompts or even passwords or captchas. IIRC Malwarebytes does have a silent removal command line you can use, should be able to google and find that. Might depend on the version (free/retail vs managed mbam). There’s a script in the library called ’ Uninstall Program - Nirsoft UninstallView’ which will do it’s best to silently remove a program you specify, but that’s about as best as you can do generically. If that doesn’t work you’ll either need to dig deeper into finding a product specific script or just do it manually. If you have ScreenConnect you can use Backstage mode (which lets you use the computer without the bothering the user) to run UninstallView via the Toolbox in a gui form. Some more graphical uninstallers may have issues with visibility in Backstage mode though.

Hi Isaac, Thank you for the reply. I will look into your suggestions.
All the best.