Uninstall/off boarding script to remove everything (asset off line)

I have a client that only logs into his computer once a week (random times)

Is there an off boarding script that will remove splashtop, 3rd party choco apps, desktop shortcut, try icon and the agent?

Install a Syncro Agent on a Device script here will uninstall Syncro. Syncro doesn’t create a desktop shortcut, you’d need to script removal of that yourself and any other cleanup/programs you want to remove. I suggest creating an Offboarding policy with all your cleanup scripts, no managed AV or other monitors/settings set. When a machine is decomissioned you can just switch to that policy and it should be all automatic. You will still need to delete the asset from Syncro if desired, the uninstall script is only local. It also does not remove Splashtop. There’s a script for that somewhere, not sure if in library or not.