Understanding First Response Time

Does anything else, other than Public Note or Email, trigger first response? Does a tech creating a ticket trigger it? It’s difficult to test this with limited ability of the reporting tool.

For example: A tech creates a ticket manually after speaking with someone. They don’t need an email or a note because they were already helping them.

We have been creating a ticket and then adding a simple Public Note just to help the response time. Is their a better way to help this situation?

I always assumed that changing the Status to “In Progress” would trigger it.

I asked support this exact question, they said:

Average First Response Time = The first response would be a ticket created to the first email, SMS, or public note communication type that is added to the ticket. The initial comment and private notes don’t count as first responses.

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Tyler - This is what I assumed when I started using Syncro, and would make logically sense. But I am told that’s not how it works.

Jordan - I have read that before in their docs, but the “initial comment” is listed as a “public note” when the tech creates a ticket. So I am not sure.

It should be as Jordan describes above. It’s the time between the initial comment and the first public response (which includes email) a technician makes on the ticket.

How does this work in situations where all of the ticket responses are “private” comments? For example, we do not use “public” comments unless they are email comments. Another example – for a large portion of our tickets, there are no public comments or email comments.


If you aren’t responding via public comment or email, then I am not 100% sure. I’d reach out to support for an answer. My guess is they wouldn’t be included at all because there is never a first response metric to calculate.