Unbillable hours tracking

I’m sure this has been asked before, but I’m not sure if my situation is unique.
I use the Quickbooks Desktop integration, which may or may not be important.

I have a mixture of client agreements. Some are billed in a “per-user” style where most tech support is not billed extra. I would still like to leverage the Syncro reports and see where my time is going. I’ve gotten A LOT better at creating tickets for everything I do, but I’m not keeping track of the time.

What is a good way to add time to a ticket without billing the client any money (in certain situations), without messing up my accounting integration? I know that I can have the contract override certain types of labor and change it to $0/hr. With that mess up the QB sync?

There are a few different ways you can do this. The Syncro contract method you mentioned is one of them (and probably the best method if you don’t want your techs having to guess if a client should be charged for labor or not). You can also create two labor SKUs under Products & Services: one at your regular labor rate and another at $0.

We use QB Online but it should work the same way. Either of the above methods will add a $0 line item to the invoice and won’t mess up your accounting in any way.

Thanks Neil, I’m going to give this a try and be more diligent about it!