Unable To Uninstall Mac Agent

sudo syncro uninstall
sudo: syncro: command not found

Getting this ‘command not found’ message on every Mac I try it with.

I deleted the agents from Syncro a couple of days ago but the app was not automatically removed from the Mac.

Jumping in here since nobody has answered yet. If you deleted the asset from Syncro and running syncro from the command prompt is saying not found, what other traces are you still seeing? Deleting the asset should start the uninstall process on the asset for you. Running a which syncro command should show you where the syncro binary is installed. If it doesn’t then it’s been removed.

mac-mini - % which syncro
mac-mini - %

What if you try

sudo sh "/Library/Application Support/SyncroMSP/SyncroMSP.app/Contents/MacOS/servicingstack/app-0.15.298/scripts/uninstall.sh"

There were incorrect instructions on the popup for uninstalling and this was the fix, but haven’t tried in a while. You can verify this path exist, or if it has changed from when I used this last.

@Jeff As far as the agent was concerned, it was still connected to Syncro. I’d deleted the agent on my end but the menu bar icon was still present, and all /tmp and /Application Support files were still on the Mac. I’d restarted and left it a day to sync but still there.

Thanks for your recommendation and to @Jimmie, I ended up manually filtering through all files and deleting any sign of Syncro so I’ll keep these in my back pocket for next time.