Unable to send comment as email


I’m sure this is just a simple oversight of mine. I seem to be unable to change the Message Type in the Communications area of a ticket to anything except Private Note. I do not see the other usual options in tutorials I have viewed such as Public, SMS, etc.

Is it possible that I have an option toggled on/off that I am not aware of? Specifically I would like to be able to comment on a ticket and it also be sent as an email to the customer assigned contact.

Is there a contact assigned to that ticket? Underneath the message body do you see an email address there?

It sounds like you do not have a contact assigned to the ticket, in which case what you describe is the expected behavior

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I had already checked that - however your comment gave me the moment of inspiration needed. After confirming the contact details correct I decided to check if the Assigned Tech settings were also correct. Turns out, for some odd reason, my own personal Assigned Tech variable had ‘Do not allow user to add public ticket comments or to email customers’ enabled. This is not a setting I would ever turn on so it must be on by default? I figured it had to be something blatant.
In any case thank you for the assist and hopefully I can return the favor sometime!