Unable to install RMM Agent

Setup error messages with both MSI and EXE files saying that there was a 1603 error. Agent doesnt install. Also doesnt matter if downloaded locally or on a different pc.

Make sure you’re connected to the internet and no DNS issues, install requires internet access. Make sure any updates are installed, particular .NET related ones especially if not Windows 10. Try installing some other software that is MSI based and see if it that works. If it doesn’t then Windows Installer is not running properly, check the service is enabled and runs ok, if not check windows event logs.

I have tried on 4 different PC’s, MSI and EXE and also uninstalled existing and attempting to reinstall after reboot.

I’ve also downloaded at 2 different locations – Same issue.

Also make sure nothing is blocking the installer from communicating with these domains:


If the errors are isolated to on one network, it can also help to attempt an install from a completely different network. This narrows down the source of the issue.

The next step would be to reach out to support with a ticket if all of the above fails. There will be an installation log on the machine. Please send that over. The logs can be found at C:\ProgramData\Syncro\Logs.

Having the same problem, Unable to download or go to the new link they provide

same problem.
unable to generate a new installer. error message: “request timed out”.
also unable to add a new agent using an old installer, that worked yesterday. error message is “unable to create device”.

Yep, can’t download RMM installers. Can’t use chat and the status page not working!

All seems to be back now. At least we can download the RMM installer.

This was related to an brief AWS outage that affeced our platform. Everything is operating normally now.

If you’re not already, I’d recommend subscribing to our status page to get notified when these outages happen.