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Unable to generate an invoice


Happy New Year

I am unable to generate an invoice.
I go to the customer and click New → Invoice
I then add all pending ticket charges
The following prompt comes up

*** We will start on that right away! Please refresh the page to view your changes ***

Nothing is added.
It has never been a problem before.




I managed to get around this by adding items individually.
The button add all doesn’t work.

I can confirm that the button to add all ticket charges does not work anymore. I also had the usual message saying “it is starting right away, please refresh your page”, but nothing happens even after 1 hour. There are around 15 charges to add to the invoice in question and I have bulk added charges for larger number of charges in the past without any problems. I can confirm that there is a problem with adding bulk charges to invoices and that it is not only happening to james.batt . Thanks

Same here, end of month came and I couldn’t add all charges to the invoice. Also noticed that they are not sorted as chosen and some of the charges are indented.


This feature is very problematic. I can also confirm that the Add All feature is not working this month. Very aggravating.

Had a similar issue last night, not only duplicates but one triplicate. Even after I deleted and re-created the invoice, then re-added the pending ticket charges, it completely screwed up the sort order. It appears random now, and with 70+ entries over 8 pages there’s no way I’m going to be able to fix it. I don’t think you can drag and drop entries between pages.

I have opened a ticket with support. They confirmed it’s a problem. Problem after problem lately, and trying to get invoices out and being unable to do so, is the worst problem to have.

If I can’t get paid, neither will Syncro…

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I never use to have any issues with the platform until they upped the price.
It also seems there are fewer updates too.
But thanks everyone for confirming that it’s not just me. Unfortunately, I have a lot of line items that need adding :frowning: So this really does suck.

Hey all, interested in learning more on this! A few follow-up questions…

  1. After you click Add All, how long are you waiting for it to add the items? (without refreshing)
  2. What browser are you using?
  3. Can anyone else in your company successfully use the button, or is it successful incognito?
  4. Ticket # you’re adding items to.

Then additionally if you are taking any other steps- dpaul for example I saw your ticket where you’re adding all and sorting by, as well as experiencing a 504 error- that’s great info as well.