UK Migrate to VAT Tool

Hi All, Just wondering if anyone has run the VAT migration yet and if it went smoothly?
I would love to know if there are any gotcha’s to be aware of before I push the button!

Yes, we migrated, but there are issues and one of them is a pain.

The migration itself worked fine, but you need to manually change all your recurring invoices and if there are dynamic items (ie using a search or policy to generate quantities) then you may need to remove these and re-add with the net-vat rate unless they are linked to products and you have them setup to update the invoice rate.

Our dynamic items tend to have different prices as negotiated at the time with the client so we had to remove and re-add.

All good so far.

We use QuickBooks online, this is where the current issue is.

Sync’ed invoices are going into QBO without VAT, which is correct, BUT, QBO is being told it already has Vat, so literally every line item in QBO is incorrect by 20%!

Support is aware, but no resolution yet.

Thanks for the heads up Neil. We have a similar VAT issue with syncing products from Pax8 to Syncro. But I hope doing this VAT migration will fix this.
Hope you get the QBO issue resolved soon.