Two Scripts To Share

Hey Folks,

I’ve written two scripts for internal use here so I thought I would share them to see if anyone can make use of them :slightly_smiling_face: They are a bit rough around the edges but they work for us!

Time Log Condensor - · GitHub

Takes all of the time logs on an un-resolved ticket (we use the invoiced status) and groups them together as a new time entry.

For example:

00:20 Labour - Not Charged
00:20 Labour  - Not Charged
00:20 Labour  - Not Charged

Would become

01:00 Labour - Charged

This does not split it out by tech as we don’t report/bill in this way and it very much relies on using the invoiced status.

Syncro SLA Assigner · GitHub

Assigns an SLA (by id) to New Tickets based upon their priority


Thank you so much for your contribution! I’m sure others will find this useful :grin:

This is awesome, thanks to much. Why this is not an option I don’t understand.

Thanks @ken , hope you find them useful in some way :slight_smile: