Turning on Maintenance Mode through API

Is there a way to toggle maintenance mode through the API for an asset?

We have customers with Windows Failover Clusters that automatically update all of the nodes in the cluster. We do this instead of pushing updates through Syncro to these assets, because Cluster Aware Updating ensures all nodes stay at the same patch level. Cluster Aware Updating supports running scripts before applying updates and after updates complete, so I was hoping to create a script with the API that would turn on maintenance mode at the beginning of the run, and back off at the end.

I’ve attempted to use both properties -> monitoring (set to false) and rmm_store -> override_alert_agent_offline_mins (set to 120), but both seem to be ignored. I’ve also looked at what the API shows in the GET request for the asset before and after turning on Maintenance mode through the UI and it doesn’t look any different.

This is not currently possible.

:frowning: is there any plans to make this available in the API in the future?

Never say never, but with the ability to already handle this natively in Syncro scripting I’d say it’s not very likely at all.