Trying to get automated remediation to trigger off of a custom field


I have a custom text field on assets which is currently blank and I want to trigger automatic remediation for all of the assets with the blank custom field.

I’ve attached a screenshot of what I set up and it isn’t running on any current assets or new assets I’ve added since setting it up. What am I missing?


I believe the only way to trigger automated remediations is by generating an RMM Alert by policy monitors or script. This should be made clearer and Syncro shouldn’t let you save a AR rule without specifying a trigger category (which apparently it currently does). To accomplish what you’re wanting to do you’d have to have a script running regularly on the asset which checks for the custom field and if the value you want is found creates an RMM Alert, which then you create a AR for specifying that alert name as the trigger. So (if you’re willing to clog up your script activity log) you could have AR triggered after a minimum of 15mins. Another option is to just move the asset to an ‘fresh install’ or ‘onboarding’ policy to run various tasks using the setup scripts policy section, then switch the policy to whatever it should be long term. Unfortunately when Syncro redesigned the policy system they didn’t take the opportunity to make dynamic filter groups like the big boy rmm, so Syncro still has some annoying limitations like this.

Got it. I think I can do what I want from scripts in the policy, but I was curious why this wasn’t working. You’ve cleared that up. Thanks!