Trigger the chocolatey install routine

So, chocolatey gets installed by syncro when syncro decides it wishes to install.

is there a way to trigger syncro to install - so that when onboarding a new machine, first thing we do is trigger it, then we can have things get installed as part of the onboarding rather than waiting for a few hours for it to occur?

Nope. Just have to wait. Personally I just install normal chocolatey as a setup script and use that.

The environmental variable doesn’t work until you reboot. I’m not sure why, since if you install the normal version it works right away. Generally, I install Syncro, do a couple of things to it for setup, then reboot and it’s working, which is usually within 30 minutes. You can check C:\Program Files\RepairTech\Syncro\kabuto_app_manager to see if choco.exe exist. If it does, then it just needs a reboot.

I have found no need to reboot. I have found that it sometimes takes a bit of time for the Chocolatey program to run (usually no longer than 20-30 minutes), but usually it starts to run the install routine about 10 minutes after installation.