Tray Icon Spam


We are having an issue with a users computer where the syncrormm tray Icon is being spammed and basically filling up the entire screen when they open their tray. This happens every time the user boots their machine, I have not tried reinstalling the agent but will try next. Afaik this has not happened with any of our other clients.

Just wanted to see if anyone else has had this issue?


wow not like that. I’ve seen it with Quickbooks once or twice. Are you using the script from the library to make your icon visible?

I don’t really think the script would be the problem because we are using it, just fishing for details to try to think of posible causes or places to look for a solution.

That’s normally when the program that created the icon has crashed multiple times. If you hover over the icons do all but ones copy disappear?

Does reliability monitor show lots of crashes for a Syncro program?

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If I had to guess, I’d bet it has something to do with the “SyncroRecovery” service run amok. If you disable that service and reboot, I wonder if it’d happen again.

A reinstall might fix it… :crossed_fingers:

I see it on my system from time to time as well, but not that many icons- wow! We do have a case open with development on this one I’ll get you added to it. Alan is right, if you hover over the icons they should clear themselves out.

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Had this issue appear today. Restarting the computer fixed the issue. Any ideas what causes this?