Tray icon on users Desktop

is it posible to get the tray icon with the menue on the users Desktop?

Yes. Policies. Here is an example hierarchy that you can use to split up your policies. I have my Tray settings in the “Active” level. So every Active machine I manage has a Tray Icon with common settings.

2021-12-28 15_52_16

One note that I just discovered on the system tray: I just noticed that evidently the policy inheritance feature also applies to the System Tray, and does not dedup the entries, so if your MRMSP policy has a “Chat” listing, the Active policy has a “Chat” listing, and “Local Backups” policy has a Chat listing, then the end user will have 3 Chat listings on their System tray (also applies to any other type of System Tray listing). Just be aware of this, so you should decide if you want to define the System Tray settings by the top level or the bottom level policy…