Top Level View of Assets and Policies

I would like a view that let us see and drill down into all of our clients assets and policies.

I could see the benefit of this but how would you arrange it list customers and folder with assets and policies under it? almost seems like you’d want a way to filter results by policy or some other criteria too.

Yes, I’m imagining a line by line listing of customers where you can drop down each customer and see their assets and policies under there. I can see where filtering would be useful. For my use I just want to be able to easily see what my entire client base has assigned instead of going into each client to view their assets and policies.

ok yeah… the more I thought about it the more that made sense as a way to display it. I think most of the time I’d use it I wouldn’t actually want to list all of my customers and all of their folders with all of their assets as that would be too many folders to really take in all at once. More likely I’d be saying if I update this one policy who all would be affected. Or I’m trying to remove the duplicate policy after revamping things who is it still applied to.

The more I think about it the more I’m thinking this view should be able to filter by Asset Saved Search, Customer saved search, and a multi select policy dropdown (similar to how categories of windows updates are selected) This would give a lot of flexibility in finding what your looking for.


Right. What I’m looking for is an at a glance overview. What you’re suggesting with filtering though makes it even better. You could filter it for all sorts of scenarios. For instance, only show assets that may have been missed and don’t have a policy.

I’m just attempting to dive into PI now and I have no idea how I’m going to make sure that every customer is set correctly. I feel like I’m always going to have some customers set up incorrectly because I can’t go spot check everyone all the time.

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Right?! I’m half tempted to see if someone can use PowerBI to give me the view I want.

I’m feeling that too. Personally, my preference is for top-level declarative config with the ability to make changes as they go down and reporting to see companies with deviations. The folder inheritance model is pretty good but it’s missing the top-level templating and visibility required to know if you’re managing your clients the way you think you are.


Is there a way to bump posts properly? I’d like to bring this back up as I just finished going thru each clients policy and would really like a view of all the clients to see what I may have missed.


I don’t think so, you just scream into the ether, and others may harmonize with you for up to 6 months before the echo will fade. :wink:

Under all the “picture block links” on the main community page there are links to filter the list of posts by Top, Unread, Updated etc so if you come back and semi regularly use those links you can follow up on posts that you’ve been involved in or that are new. Reposting does sort of bump the post, but it does not reset the “post will automatically close in X months”

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Not what the OP wants - but similar asking:

Under Client → Assets Table/View → Create Folder → Drag and drop different assets into different folders. This is so we can display different setups, categories different assets, and have order in what you view. For example, when adding an asset to a ticket: Existing → Computers → Computer_Name or Existing → Other Assets → Managed_Switch_Name.

Reason: I like keeping track what devices we have, what devices have been there, and monitoring what devices show up out of the blue. The down side is I have a ton of extra devices so when making a ticket it can be kind of mess to select the correct device. So having a way to track and categories different assets would be a nice feature in a more drill down method.

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