TIP: Event Log monitoring of Event ID 6008 (Syncro's preset one is broken)

We finally dug into Event Log monitoring and got it working for our clients. The Syncro UI is fairly tough to get through, but it’s worth it. Where I got stuck in early 2020 is that I tried the built-in 6008 monitoring, but it never triggered any alerts.

I found that Syncro’s built-in 6008 trigger is broken. BUT, you can add it manually or any other Event ID that you want to know about. It’s pretty cool. See images for clues on how it use it. (red circle is the broken built-in one)

Glad you’re enjoying it Brian! It’s pretty helpful once you start setting things up. I agree the UI is a little strange to navigate at first on the query page. Maybe in time, it will get some TLC! Were you generating 6008 naturally or via a script?

I didn’t try to generate the alert with a script, just the built-in 6008 error trigger that I have circled in red above – which is what didn’t work.

I manually added 6008 myself using Syncro’s Event Log monitoring (pictured at the top) and that did work.