Time rounding for anything other than 15 minute increments

An issue we raised back in December 2019 that is still causing us major headaches.

The price per minute calculation is incorrect when billing for anything other than 15 minute increments.

My calculations when I originally logged the issue are as follows.

We charge £70.20 per hour which is £1.17 per minute.
If I bill for 5 minutes then I would expect that to be £5.85 (i.e. 1.17 * 5 or 70.20 / 12 )
However Syncro is showing this as £5.62 which over time is a huge difference on client invoices.

I have even tried this as £1 per minute i.e. £60 per hour and still get incorrect values.
Surely you divide 60 by the number of minutes to get the number you wish to divide by. i.e. if I bill for 5 minutes I take 60 mins divided by 5 giving me 12. I then take my hourly rate of 70.20 and divide it by 12 to get the correct value of 5.85
or if you prefer just support more decimal places i.e. 0.08333 rather than the 0.08 that you are currently using.

(Our billing rate has since increased however the rounding issue remains the same)

(I have an open ticket 57204 for this issue)

Many thanks

Hello @george, I will have support view your ticket. I’m not sure of why this is so far off.

Thank you.
I also emailed support again just now and had emailed Bobby a few times over the past few month (to no avail) as he had confirmed that this was being actively worked on back in November.
Best regards,

This is an interesting observation. It sounds like this is all because of the 2 decimal places instead of 3-4 like in QBO, right?

Would this potentially be a general wash if many of the times round up and many round down?

Hi Brian.
The Round up / Round Down overall does not sort the issue for us. Multiple customers have pointed out that they are being incorrectly invoiced.

Not the answer you are looking for but why not just round up to the nearest 15 minutes?
Many (most?) services businesses do this. Free money and the clients won’t bat an eye, in my experience. Syncro has an option to round tracked time up to the nearest 15 minutes, too.

Sadly our customers do notice if we round up to the nearest 15 mins, So we can’t do that. This mainly affects out out of hours billing where we charge double time, so for example if a customer calls and we spend 4 minutes on the phone, I’m happy to bill 5 minutes but if we billed 15 minutes then they would effectively be billed 30 mins (ie via our double time rate).

This really is a bug and you would hope that after 2.5 years, Syncro would have fixed it by now.

This has aged a bit but I have to ask, is that 5 minutes you’re billing really 5 minutes? When you take into consideration engaging the ticket, fixing the issue and admin time, then the time cost of billing etc. I could imagine 10 in rare circumstances, but I’ve never had any work take 5 minutes in reality. Maybe you’re undercharging?

Hi Mike.
It’s not just 5 minutes. The rounding issue happens even if you try to bill the customer 35 minutes for example. The Syncro rounding only works in 15 minute intervals.
Therfore this remains a bug regardless.
In answer to your question about 5 minutes. We still log the actual time we spend on a job but then accounts will perform a monthly invoice run, where they add multiple jobs to a single invoice, so the invoicing time is not wasted.