Time duration entry vs start/stop time

It is much more convenient to add time to a ticket by duration versus using the start stop with the spinners. Is there a way to enable this like in documentation or is that out of date?

The time entry form I’m moving from in Freshbooks is 2 clicks to set hour and minutes using a clock face widget. That would be really cool.


I love your idea here. I’ve suggested it before in the Facebook Group, so let’s keep the idea popping up now and then :wink:

I find myself messing up the calculation for setting both clocks frequently.

Not sure the people that make design decisions use it all day every day. Every click and keystroke saved matters to me. We’re moving fast.

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I’ve found it’s easier to hit View Log on the ticket labor and just save the blank entry, then edit it to add notes and total time. Why it has to be in minutes is beyond me, we all naturally think in terms of hours. And it’s totally unnecessary to be prompted to make sure you want to Clear Charge for the entry as it’s easily undone in a single click anyway. :man_shrugging:

I started going down that road a few times and upon my later double-checking found that I forgot to change the minutes!!

I do feel like the time entry could be improved much. I like the idea of a clockface. While they’re at it. It would be awesome to have the godawful appointment scheduler fixed as well.


This is what Freshbooks does in their app. It was really fast and easy to start a timer, select project and task and add notes. Until they came out with a major web UI and android app update that made everything suck. Thus I’m moving time tracking into Syncro.

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