Time based filter for Automated Remediation

I would like to be able to create an automated remediation that clears an alert if it hasn’t been updated or refreshed within a certain amount of time. When looking at the alerts page, I see columns for “Created” and “Updated”, but I can’t use these data as conditions when creating an automated remediation.

My plan is to use this to filter resource usage alerts that are meaningful from the transient ones. I would use this to either clear RAM/CPU usage alerts if they haven’t been updated within a certain period of time, or create a ticket if they have been sustained for over a certain period of time.

I noticed that auto-resolve for resource usage has been requested in this thread: Request: Auto-resolve for resource usage That would be somewhat useful to my application, but I still wouldn’t be able to trigger a ticket to be created if the resource usage was repeatedly high over time.

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