Tickets via Email

We are still in the process of exploring Syncro and consider ourselves a new customer.

Use Case:
We are using Syncro for RMM and Zendesk for emails. We would like to migrate our ticketing system functionality into Syncro. The issue we are facing is that when a new customer emails us that doesn’t exist within customer or contacts, the system is automatically creating a new customer.


  1. How do we direct all new customer email to be a contact instead of a customer?
  2. Is there way to classify based on the domain?
  3. How do we handle new leads if the customer emails from a new domain?

Contacts can’t exist outside of Companies, so you always have to have that relationship.
Edit a Company, > Custom Fields and add in their domain(s). This will create new contacts under that customer if the domain matches. This can also be found under Admin > Emails > Email Rules
Just have to stay on top of making sure their domains are under the right Company. You can also add secondary emails to contacts, so if they have a gmail account or something, it will associate properly.

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Hi Jimmie,

Thank you for the reply as it’s very helpful but I have an additional question.

We have and who use a tool (vendor) from If we classify the domain under a specific customer than all the vendor emails will be linked to that customer. How do we avoid this issue?

If you have 2 companies that email out through a tool and everything is coming from that one vendor’s email address, there’s no way for Syncro to understand how to route that beyond a single company. It uses email addresses and domains as unique identifiers.

Although if you have the vendorA email addresses existing in contacts across customers then that will be fine.

For unknown email addresses you can either not define domain in a customer/rules and inbound emails will sit as in Leads until you convert them to a ticket under the respective customer, or say add the domain to an arbitrary customer and move the tickets from there.

Thank you so much @alan.mcfarlane. This solution worked for our setup.