Tickets Display - Default, Resolved, Unresolved

When you open the User Account and look under the Ticket header it shows Default. Is there a way to change the Default or make this show Unresolved by default?

Could you post a pic of what you mean?

If you are talking about the Ticket screen, you can setup saved searches. Create New, setup which ticket status you want to show/not show, filter by tech if needed and create your search. Then you can set it as the default. We filter by Tech+None, status is not resolved. That way I just see my tickets, plus new ones and when I finish one, it disappears from my list.

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Ah, the one under the Customer record, no, I don’t believe you can set that. Poke through admin options and didn’t see anything there.

You’ll want to do that type of filtering on the ticket index page. These smaller sections on customer records are really designed to be more of an overview.

There’s no customer filter though on the ticket page, at last not in the UI in the obvious sense. You can use the customer ID in the search box or use it in the URL. I guess you’d have to use the Search all fields to setup customer specific filters, but seems a little cumbersome when a customer field would make that easier.

The ticket index page needs a customer filter, I agree, but for now the search box can be used as the customer filter and then you can filter by whatever status is needed.

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So, the answer is NO?

Correct, on that particular screen there is no way to do what you are after. You’d need to filter off the Ticket index page (tab).

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This really can’t be customized? Why are there options then?

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There are options, but you have to click them EVERY SINGLE TIME you load the page.

It seems like a trivial thing to make a setting somewhere that the default ticket view could be set to show ‘unresolved’. In the real world, the first and most important thing I care about is unresolved tickets. Once they are resolved, I’m perfectly ok with an extra step to find THOSE tickets, but the unresolved ones should be presented first and foremost. This is an efficiency thing.

Options are always good to have:)

Why not request for the future a setting to set the default display of tickets in the customer panel? This way anyone can set their default taste in what they see first.