Ticketing - Support HTML email

Summary: HTML email has been a standard format for email for decades. Incoming email can be difficult to impossible to read and outgoing communication could could be significantly easier to consume for our clients.

Business Value: Limiting outgoing email to text only removes any ability to format information for easy consumption. A simple numbers or bulleted list goes a long way to helping a client through an issue. Not to under value an inline image or screen capture. And how much cleaner is it to send a link instead of a link: Syncro’s New Mac Agent Just got a Scripting Power-Up ?
Limiting incoming email to Content-Type: text/plain; creates some difficult to impossible to parse communication. Often the the most expedient means of understanding a heavily HTML email is to navigate to the original email archived on the mail sever.


Yes, Please make the email communications in tickets true HTML with inline images, etc.


As long as there is an option to disable it.

I realize no one is going to stop using HTML email, but it won’t stop me from hating it.

Absolutely want this.

We moved to Syncro to centralize our support operations, but the lack of HTML formatting on email is a real let down compared to our previous ticket solution.

To be fair, I knew this when I originally trialed Syncro, but I really hope this gets updated soon!


I was shocked that rich text could not be used in ticket comments. I can’t imagine that this isn’t coming.


@dpaul We can only hope…Sounds like your new like us…now finding the little things that you just expected to be standard…ugh…


I support this feature request


I agree with everyone, I was shocked that this is not a standard. We use ZOHO Desk and it is amazing on how well it workes with Tickets. We have asked for this and have been given the answer “that this is something that they are working on for a long time” but I see no efforts of any progress. We are disappointed and the most disappointing thing is why it is not fixed or any insight on what if anything has been done? We like many parts of Syncro and it could be a close to perfect product if they only had programmers that could focus on fixing these small issues. We are finding more and more holes that should not be there. Like, try to run a report to show all Contacts for All clients, or a complete bill cost detail that you can pull at any time and not have to email. Please listen to your paying customers…


Agreed. The platform could be awesome but the little things are adding up. Fixing the most basic and expected items would be a great move for them. Just getting the verbiage to match up across the platform would be a great accomplishment for them.

Yes that would be great because then we can put our custom signatures in the emails for recognition of who’s emailing


Hopefully this is something we get this year. I too miss it from other ticket systems. It great to use things like

The network location is

\\\something here

or please DO NOT switch off tonight

I am 100% with this thread. I emailed them a while ago to include this and was told that it was a great suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:
In the Documentation area of Syncro, this is available. And like many have said, it slows ticketing down so much as I very often take screenshots to send to customers. I am having to do that via Outlook email now.
And that is a royal pain.
I hadn’t realised how much of a big deal this was until I remembered that Atera can do this. As can most other helpdesk/Ticket systems.
The thought of going back to Atera is a pain now that we are fully entwined into Syncro.
But if this isn’t coming, I will have to go back.
Come on Syncro, this is staple stuff.


This is basic stuff and every single PSA has it. This really should come in their next update - it’s that important.


I agree completely agree with this as well… HTML email is a must.

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I would like to see this as well


I would welcome this too, as much for viewing formatted content inline with pictures/attachments from clients as it is to write formatted e-mails to clients.

After a bit of back and forth with attachments and screenshots it becomes very difficult to see which attachment relates to what part of a ticket.

I then find it very annoying to have to refer to the original e-mail outside of Syncro to actually find the correct timeline of the images/attachments.

Absolutely need HTML to be an option for the emails to clients.

@Alexandra driected me to contain my frustration with the lack of HTML formatting to my feature request post so …

I’m just dropping this here looking for +1’s I guess. I started this request, but it’s getting progressively more embarrassing every time I have to explain to my clients that I cannot see their formatting.

The lack of formatting in ticketing routinely makes me look unobservant and/or just plain bad to my clients. So often my clients mark information in their tickets with RED or BOLD text, and unless noted in the message I just don’t see it and don’t give their emphasized request the attention that they expect.

For the love of all that’s holy, Syncro please support HTML formatting in ticketing.



I will throw my Hat in the ring with this as well.

Not having any HTML formating means integrations such as form stack using the WebHook just spits out some horrific text.

Odd how a company who always said they listened and read all forum comments hasn’t commented on this one.