Ticketing - Support email commands and a full email workflow

Summary: Ticketing should be able to be handled without requiring interacting with the SyncroMSP UI in fully email-based interactions. Tickets should be able to be assigned, status updated, priority set all with Text-based commands in the email responses.

Background: I feel like this one is self explanatory. SyncroMSP is the fist ticketing system I’ve used that cannot provide a fully email-based interaction with a ticket. From a client opening a ticket to assigning, changing priority and updating status all should be able to be managed from within email responses to a ticket. This includes all stages of a ticket, including the simple ability to respond to a ticket via email when it’s first opened which is currently not possible.

Business Value: Replying to an email is world’s faster than opening the SyncroMSP UI. Especially when an attachment is involved and even more so in a browser on a mobile device. And then there’s trying to manage a ticket in the Mobile App. In all cases, unless you’re sitting in the Syncro UI, a reply to an email will is considerably faster and more efficient.


I would swear I have seen some of what you are asking before. But, not finding it now.

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One would think, but the only way to reply to a ticket email is to reply to a reply i.e. the second email a client sends. When a ticket is open, you only get an Alert to which you cannot reply. You can technically copy the ticket number into the subject of a new email to your ticket email, but the level of cumbersome is beyond my threshold.

As far as ticket commands, that’s a nope.


Spiceworks Desktop and its Cloud HelpDesk both have awesome ticket handling features by email. I would LOVE for Syncro to implement something similar.


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I have seen other ticketing systems use email tokens to handle ticket changes, but it was not always easy to remember the tokens.

This is a huge requirement. Closed loop ticketing is something all PSA must have to be competitive in this space. When a ticket comes in, the email notifications should go to the client and all techs who are defined in the notifications. All clients and techs should be able to respond to any and all ticket/comment notifications to add a note to the ticket. Currently, new ticket notifications cannot be replied to by Syncro users, and therefor breaks the rule of closed loop.

Ticket automation can handle the other actions such as changing status and the like, when emails come in. Tokens are a nice feature but not necessary for closed loop compliance.

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