Ticketing priorities

Good Morning All,
Hope that I am submitting my request in the proper section.
I would like to find a way to setup tickets priority for each technician to work on.
I want them when they get to the office, see the priority of their assigned tickets and work in that order instead of me having to get together with them every morning and tell them what to work on first.
Is there a possible way to do that?
Thanks in advance, Raul

There is a priority option under the ticket it self. Just set that from low to high depending on your needs. You can setup SLA for each company as well to assign ticket priority too. You can also setup ticket automation to assign the ticket priority if you know some key stuff to look for (again, that would depend on your setup/needs).

Thanks for the info Travis. That will work to some extent.
I tried to look and see if I could add more priorities. Like maybe from 1-10.
I couldn’t find a location where to add extra priorities. If that is not possible, I will manage with the ones available on your suggestion.
Greatly appreciated.

Where is the priority option under the ticket? I’ve looked and can’t see it. Do I need to create a custom field?

Nevermind. I found the setting to enable priorities.

Where is the ticket priority to enable it? Please show me I am new to Syncro!

Admin - Ticket Settings - Additional Settings (at the bottom). Scroll down until you see enable ticket priorities. Then when you go to Tickets, you will see the priority drop down.




Go to your Admin settings, then on the sidebar scroll down to Tickets section and select Preferences. You’ll see the first bunch of ticket settings but scroll all the way down and click on “Additional Settings” … which opens up more…just keep scrolling down to the list under the Ticket Statuses box. You’ll see one for “Enable Ticket Priorities.” Click it.

Then in each of your tickets, you’ll see the drop down for Priority is now visible.

See attached screenshots.

Good luck! Lots to learn. I’m still new, as well.

Enable Priorities.jpg

Ticket Info.jpg