Ticket Worksheet - Add to new ticket automatically

I have one particular worksheet that I would like to attach automatically to every ticket created.

We do not use Custom Fields and I do not want to have to remember to click the drop down menu to choose one… Unless there is a way to have a “default” Custom Field.

Some tickets are created by email and the system tray icon so there is no chance to click the Custom Field drop down in those instances.

I have searched the Syncro help site and not found what I am looking for. I also opened a ticket with support about this # 00174734

I believe you can do this by creating a ticket workflow, adding the fields/sections you want including the worksheet and then setting it as the default. Ticket Workflows I’m not sure what happens with email/tray created tickets, you’d have to test to make sure.

Thanks! I believe I saw something about that… I will take another look.

I am not sure what I did… but it works now. Every new ticket has our default troubleshooting worksheet attached.

I really do not know how I did it.