Ticket timer round up and add up

We are new to Syncro and are trying to find out a good flow for using ticket timers.

For example:
We are always rounding up to 30 mins: 5 mins = 30 mins; 35 mins = 60 mins
We round up when closing the ticket not for each labor entry regarding to the same ticket.

From what we tested in Syncro, the following things happen:
Whenever we stop the timer, it gets rounded up.
The next play-stop cycle adds a new entry and it gets rounded up.
At the end of the ticket we have amassed hours of labor when we only worked on it 3 times 5 minutes.

Is there a way to round up at the end of the ticket? Let’s say we investigate for 10 mins, do the fixing for 15 mins and wrapping up for 10 mins = total 35 mins that should be rounded to 60 mins.

Hello Vlad,

We currently don’t have a way to add all the actual time worked and then round up to a certain minute or hour.

However, we do have an option to round up for each individual labor log entry. You can find the option “Ticket Timer - Round UP to number of minutes” under Admin → Ticket → Preferences → Additional Settings. I recommend you play around with that and test some increments to see if that works for you.

For more information, please check out the following article: https://help.syncromsp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002530093-Ticket-Timers

Yes, we used that option, but every time you stop the clock and then restart it logs the round time set.
I was thinking that, if you don’t change the Rate or the Note, it would just continue the timing when restarting without rounding up.

That’s annoying, the timer shows total time and continues from there. If you have existing time to the ticket, start and stop the timer, then refresh the ticket, the time will change to the total on the ticket. That’s an odd way for that to function in my opinion. I want to see the time per timer session.