Ticket timer issue and improvements

All of my techs start a ticket timer when they begin working a ticket. However, you must enter a note before starting the ticket timer. Once the timer is stopped, there is no way to enter notes for the time. This is backwards and very frustrating for the person working tickets. It requires them to open the log, reverse the charge, edit the note, then charge the time again.

Also, an option to auto-start a timer when opening a ticket, would be a welcome addition.


@dpaul I have been posting about this in a couple of threads. Maybe if we all get together someone will take notice that their ticketing is broken.

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This is why we do not use the timer. We do not know the notes until after we work on it. It is too much effort to change the timer notes after you stop the timer.

@garyh You don’t have ESP??? :laughing:

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Another problem is the notes from the timer don’t show among all the notes.