Ticket Time - Internal Report Builder

Has anyone worked out how to get the Time spent on Ticket Types.
120 Hours on Phone Support and 60 of that was Billed out and 60 Was Contract Related/ Unbilled.
120 Hours on Project Tickets
120 Hours on General Support

Currently we can see the number of Tickets Created in each one but not the time spent. This is stopping us from easily getting a quick picture as to if we are assigning our internal resources in the right spots. eg more people on Phones Less General Support and if we are billing approriate amounts to clients for the work being completed or if we are needing to adjust our MSA scopes

The Block we think would work best is “Labor Hours” But there is no way to customise displaying which labor type/ Ticket Type that has time assigned to it.
it is also displaying an inaccurate amount actually completed.

Don’t believe there is a way but @Andy can tell you if this is something that would be added next year when they start needing up the PSA side of things. I’d imagine reports are an area that would improve once we have the ability to see how much time was spent on a customers ticket, or tickets in a month. Then you’d want to see the breakdown of where it was spent, doing essentially what you’re asking here.

I had responded to this user’s post on FB:

Labor hours are pulled from invoices that actually billed anything under the labor category, so that should be accurate. If it’s not, I’d reach out to support with your data so they can have a look.

I would send a note into support for a feature request. I think you’d probably want to duplicate the tickets by type but have a block that reports those by hours spent vs breaking them down by a percentage of the ticket intake.


Hi Andy, I’ve already sent a request to support to have a report for ticket time - because we don’t use your invoice module and so customer/ticket/tech stats are very limited with the standard reports (and I can’t work out how to use the report builder to get these stats)

Yeah the report tracks billable labor hours by design. Just curious, why aren’t you billing through Syncro?

Because I have spent 18 months and far too many hours trying to learn Syncro with self-learning and lots of testing. There is a lot of negative press on the community sites that it doesn’t sync with Xero properly and needs manual intervention, why there isn’t a paid option for implementation and training - I would have certainly taken it up - would do now if available as still we are not using it efficiently and it’s very frustrating.

Yes along the lines of that, Currently the issue we have is the unbilled/ write off time/Labor so

We have a flat fee for a Office 365 Domain set up, that might take 10 hours in project work but it gets billed out as the flat fee Item not the Labor, so when reporting the Billed/Charged time vs the Time in the Line Item export we see 100’s of hours “missing” because those hours don’t reach the invoice. and there is no easy way of comparing the two to see where/what that time is associated with. but being able to break it down into the Issue Types/Ticket Types would simplify locating those hours because we can compare the Invoiced Project Time and the Recorded Project Time in tickets and see the missing 50 hours are from project time.

@Andy This would be a killer feature for me too. I use syncro for my internal IT department so I have no need to create invoices, but to know the hours my team is spending on the various issues would be great. I’m not sure why it seems so difficult to do with the custom reports? Couldn’t the report just allow you to show unbilled hours and break it down by ticket type?

Hrm, I assume you’re looking for something along the lines of this, right?


Yes that looks about perfect. I can’t seem to find that report in my tenant, has it been released? Is it listed under a different name?

It’s just a mock-up, I just wanted to be sure that would hit the right notes. So here’s what you need to know… the first rule of Andy’s leak club is you don’t talk about Andy’s leak club :). This is between me and you, so please don’t go getting me into any trouble by saying Andy said all this great stuff was coming. That said, this is an active project being developed right now. We’re going to give you the ability to report on what you see in the mock, along with being able to break this down not just by technician, but by customer as well so you can see where the biggest blocks of your technician resources are being burned and how.

The only problem with talking about secret stuff that isn’t yet here is that what the final deliverable may not always look exactly like what’s being shown/discussed here, and may not always contain 100% of the functionality shown or discussed here, either. So please bear that in mind. However, this has been a pet project of mine for a long time and I’m very excited it’s finally under active development. I don’t have any ETAs for you, and while it’s not right around the corner, it’s not like multiple quarters away, either.

Again, I said nothing!

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That mock up looks excellent.
If this gets implemented, it will be extremely helpful.

Glad to hear that. I’ll be extremely excited to see this one go out.

Report looks good @Andy , but what we really need is the ability to see what our profitability is. I’m speaking in terms of, it costs this much to support this client / contract, and this is how much time we spent on client / contract, and this is where we are at, red / black.

Trust me, Mike, you are preaching to choir on this one :). It’s 100% on the radar, but it might be a bit for this one still.

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In the words of the legendary Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard - “Make it so!”