Ticket Status assign more than one to resolved state

I would like to be able to create a status that is also a resolved state. ie create a status called “Closed” that holds the same state as resolved. We do things a little diffrent.

Ticket assigned to tech… Status Assigned
Ticket in progress by tech. Status In Progress
Ticket completed by Tech. Status Closed
Ticket Reviewed by Manager Status RTB (Ready to Bill)
Ticket Billed Status Resolved
the closed RTB and Resolved all should have the type Resolved so as to prevent the reports from showing that the time to resolution is days when in fact the ticket was completed in just a few hours from opening. We were able to do this in Connectwise and Kaseya i wish we could do this in Syncro.

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An issue that would need to be addressed is, when a client replies to a closed ticket, the status will change.

if a client replies then the status should change just as it does now. There is no issue with this.

@andrew1 Any status that starts with Resolved is in a resolved state. From your examples, you could do “Resolved - Ticket Billed” “Resolved - Ticket completed by Tech”


I will give that a try Thanks for that if it works it will be sweet

WOW, you are the bomb… That works perfectly.

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Glad I could help. I came from CWM and was looking at replicating what we had done there, so it was one of my first pre-sale questions. I believe it is documented, but it’s not widely discussed.

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