So, we are new to Syncro. We have been in production for a month and a half. I have received this email with the subject “TICKET(s) GETTING STALE DO THE DIAGNOSTIC”.

What exactly does this mean. What exactly does the “Diagnosis” option on the ticket communication mean? I assume they are related.

We are struggling with the “correct” way to put time in and close a ticket. The Timer or the Communications box? Very confused. I feel like we are missing out on billable time.

This is a reminder you have tickets where the Diagnosis was never documented. You have to create a ticket entry with a type of Diagnosis. If you do not use diagnoses, you can turn it off in ticket admin settings.


Thanks @garyh. I will turn it off as I still don’t understand where it would fit into a ticket flow.

It may not fit in your ticket flow. We do not use it most of the time either. Others may have incorporated it into their processes.

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