Ticket Notifications Not Working When Another Tech Enters an Update

Why doesn’t the assigned technician get updates when another technician enters an update to a ticket? If the other technician enters a Private Note the assigned technician gets the notification. The assigned technician does NOT get a notification for the other update options (Email, Public Note, etc.). The assigned technician DOES get a notification for Customer Replies, whether it be from email or SMS.

Also, I do not see a Notification setting for this particular setup. It only has Ticket notifications for a “hidden comment” or if “Someone replied.” Shouldn’t there be an option similar to “if a ticket is updated by anyone other than me?”

This sounds like it is a possible feature request. I’m waiting on a reply from support. I agree it only makes sense to receive updates here as well.

I was just talking with Andy about this. My business partner and I opened the same ticket. I assigned it to myself and started typing a response. He assigned it to himself and started typing a response. I had no idea he was also working the ticket and he had no idea that I was working the ticket. Hopefully this can be improved all around with notifications if anything changes on the ticket while you are on it. Other platforms give you stops if you try to change a ticket that has already been updated by another user. This isn’t the first time this has happened, luckily I messaged him about the ticket and only I responded, but we have both responded before.

Actually had a similar thing happen the other day.

I’ve see this feature implemented in a couple of different ways.

As @Jimmie already mentioned prevents a user from changing the tech without stopping you first to say someone is all ready assigned.

Another way which SNOW did this was it showed who was viewing a ticket as soon as they opened it even showed it the client was viewing it.

Kayako used to show other users what you were typing in real time to prevent you from replaying accidentally.

Would some of the ticket preferences help here? I know we have a few such as.

Tickets - a hidden comment was added to any tickets
Tickets - Status was changed

A combination of these depending of your work flow could be a solution. Definitely interested in knowing if you think this could be a solution?

No, because this wouldn’t notify until after actions are performed. Currently, multiple people can view a ticket and change the assigned tech and nobody knows about it. They can also type out the response. Only time there is a live notification is if the response is sent, it will show the banner.