Ticket Linking

Add option to set up a parent/child relationship between tickets.

Here are two example scenarios where it would be helpful:
• A large project for a single customer to allow us to track the individual tasks separately but still have them linked, so we can make sure we complete all tasks in the project before resolving it.
• A migration project where we need to track multiple customers from one service to another, so we can end cancel the service without missing any customers.


This is an excellent thought - this seems to be a gap in Syncro’s PSA. I struggle to deal with big projects - I can’t delegate various tasks inside of a big project ticket to multiple people unless I just make dozens of tickets.

I’d love to hear @Andy or others at Syncro on this kind of feature.

My gut would be if we were going to do this we’d probably make “project” objects instead and let you link tickets and invoices to that. I’m not sure doing just ticket linking would get folks where they’d want to be with a need like this.

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Whatever direction you decided to go, it would be an improvement over no linking at all.