Ticket Labor Invoices, split invoices by location or other criteria

We have a large customer with about 1000 ticket line items per week and about 75 locations. We need to start separating invoices by location.

It is not ideal to use separate companies for this as the assets need to be in one company, all the users are in one office 365 tenant. Users across locations are often on the same ticket. and many other reasons I have contemplated.

Does anyone have any methods or best practices you can recommend for us to easily split the invoices by location or some other designatable criteria? Ideally the criteria should start at the ticket level. The ticket location would be really ideal and obvious.

We have updated our invoice template where we can use the invoice name at the top of the customer section of the invoice so they know which location it is for. that part works really well. with the tremendous amount of line items we go through every week, it is very difficult to go through and separate them onto different invoices. the recurring invoice component really does not have much in the way of selection criteria. that would be really great if it had a location criteria and we and we can use that to automate the creation of invoices Every week.

The end of the month is just around the corner and the client would like us to start doing this next week.

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Gary you are absolutely right that this is a needed feature. I requested this as well years ago. It’s too bad as they grow they are becoming less responsive.

  1. Companies often want to see the profitability and overhead of a location.
    This is why they want separate invoices.
  2. Sometimes it’s different operating companies under a parent company.