Ticket is listed as "Partially Invoiced" when it was all invoiced and has been paid

I have a ticket from 1/29/21 that is listed as “Partially Invoiced” under “Billing Status”. However, all Labor Log entries for that ticket were, in fact, included in an invoice issued in February 2021 which was paid on 4/19/21.

This is a problem because it shows up in a Ticket Search filter I created, “Invoice Required, By Customer, A-Z” yet when I create an invoice for the customer that ticket does not appear as an item that can be added to the invoice. So it shows up month after month as something that needs to be invoiced.

@Don.Ramm - This sounds like it will need a closer look by support, do you mind submitting a ticket?

Already did. Case 00186678. Not that that is going to do anything other than give me the hope that someone will do something about it. I opened 00177936 in December and that problem persists. Guess the developers are too busy working on all those new features.