Ticket invoice status

Trying to get our workflow dialed in. In the KB it says that the ticket will be green in the ticket list. What does that mean.

Hello Miles,

To see the “green in the ticket” list shows up when you click on the Ticket’s page. Here is an example:

To have the “invoiced” status, you will need to enable it under Admin > Ticket Preferences > “Use “Invoiced” ticket status in addition to ticket’s billing status.” Once you have that enabled, you will see a new ticket status show up any individual ticket:

I hope this clears things up.

ok so its the last updated status that’s green got it. Does the “invoiced” status stop SLA timers.

I just got done testing this and it doesn’t stop SLA timers. SLAs can still be breached, even in the “Invoiced” status.

A deeper look shows you can select “invoiced” in your SLAs “Pause countdown for select ticket statuses”

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