Ticket invoice status not showing


I remember seeing the a couple of days ago an Invoice status / billing status for each ticket directly on the Tickets panel.

Right now, though, the Invoiced column is blank.

Did we change something in the settings that could cause this, because after an hour of digging I still can’t make it show.


Any help with this? Wasn’t there a method to see if a ticket has been charged, invoiced or not?

Hey @vlad.velciu,

There are two columns that pull in billing details from a ticket. These are ‘invoiced’ and ‘billing status’. ‘Invoiced’ will show the invoice number and link to the invoice that is associated with the ticket and ‘Billing Status’ will show if the ticket is non-billable, needs an invoice, or is invoiced.

Try adding the ‘Billing Status’ column and look for a ticket with the ‘Invoice Required’ status. Open that ticket and select the ‘Make Invoice’ button at the top of the page to send the ticket charges on that ticket to an invoice. After that, the newly created invoice number should appear in that ‘Invoiced’ column.


Thanks Frank, searched a lot before opening the ticket but couldn’t find Billing Status. Now I found it.