Ticket info on Invoices

When sending an invoice, we often end up with 9-10 page invoices which isn’t professional.

Could we get the option to group ticket charges? Perhaps one line for pre-paid hours and then another line for overage charges. We can then schedule a report to the client if they want to see the breakdown.


This is a big problem with Syncro. We are still trying to figure out how to invoice our time without pissing off our clients, looking like amateur hour, or losing money.

This may be a good start.

Surely you nor your customer print the invoice. What you are asking for sounds like a good idea: A “cover page” that summarizes what is in the invoice with details on subsequent pages if you want to include it or if customer wants to see it.

My beef is the order of the items in the invoice. The one that I want (“Order by Ticket Timer End Date” and the “Order by Ticker Timer Start Date”) don’t work. I’m not sure what I get by simply clicking on “Add All” – whatever it is; I don’t like it. I want a simple chronological order of items from oldest to newest.

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