Ticket entry icons incorrect - FYI

I caught this today and submitted a ticket to support, but if anyone else relies on this aspect of ticket history then you may find it good to know.

I’m a fan of emailing the client to keep them aware of what was done, while at the same time notating what we did in that ticket (or have been doing, if it’s progressive). I tell my techs to “phrase your ticket notes in the form of an email”, so it makes sure they speak with the client regularly and they don’t have to double up their time on ticket entry. It typically works well.

I’m also a fan of using the quick status change when sending an email, so you don’t have to “Send” then manually go change the status.

I discovered today that if you send an email and use the drop down to pick a new status at the same time you send the email, it shows up as a Public Note on the ticket entry and you do not see the list of recipients the message was sent to when hovering over it. You do, in fact, have an email sent out to the contact with the ticket update entry.

I’ve been harping on my guys for making sure they email the clients back and not just enter public notes, but all I see is public notes in the tickets unless they click the default “Email” button without selecting a status change.

I feel this is not the way it should work and is in fact a bug, but if anyone else looks at this part of the ticket entries and uses them the same way I’d like to know if you are seeing the same result or is it just happening to us (perhaps because we’re using custom status entries, or such). Otherwise, it’s good to just know that what looks like it may have been a note is in fact an email, but you cannot tell which at this point.


Actually, I just did a further test and sent myself another entry and just clicked the default Email button, and it still showed up as a Public Note. This has not always been this way, correct? I know I’ve looked at the email entries a lot in the past, it helps to know who was included in the message at that time (because CC contacts can unfortunately change throughout the life of a ticket). The initial ticket generation shows up as an email with my address as the recipient when I hover over it, but after that it’s just public notes.

This is not by design, is it?


I have seen this recently. It goes to a public note until the email is read, and then it shows it was emailed. This wasn’t always the behavior and this is definitely tripping people up.

yep I ran into this too. would definitely prefer the showing the not as Email Sent and then if they want to show other status info they could just have a “status” field that updates or something but no visual indication that an email was sent is not nice UX

Hey @Andy , any chance you would mind taking a look at ticket 90275? I believe my comments there are more directed at how this is a problem on multiple fronts, so I’m not sure why this would be “by design” as I was told. It seems like a good idea up front, but without documentation on how this part of the ticket module is supposed to function I’m not sure what to expect or how to train my technicians. I could find no mention of this “ticket entry status notification” in the KB documentation so we know what triggers what. I could repost my comments here, if you would prefer, but they are more thought exercising in nature, but I think a short term fix would be easy to implement while the process is more thoroughly planned so it’s actually useful and not a source of confusion and frustration. I would be happy to lend input on logical process flow so this works more as intended!

Hey Jason - so this one would need to reside with support. I don’t know the answer to this one offhand.

No worries, all good sir! Thanks!

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I can confirm we’ve run into it in Support, it does update to the email icon after a short time. We’ll take a look and see if it’s submitted as a bug.

It’s been this way for as long as I can remember, but in my case, it shows correct after you reload the page.