Ticket Due Date changing

The Time field in the Ticket Due Date dialog is being put back an hour (e.g. to 21.00 from 20.00) when the Submit button on Due Date is clicked.

I noticed the timestamps were out and reset one to test - as soon as I hit submit, the time changed.

Hi Des, I wasn’t able to reproduce this, can you try the same steps in an incognito tab and let me know if you see the same result?

I tried on a different browser and a different machine, and see the issue on both.


Okay! We might need to do a little more testing then, can you send us a video https://recordit.co/ to help@syncromps.com?


Here you go:



Got it, looks like it’s switching the hour due to Daylight Savings, Canada changes over on the 13th and any dates later than that will adjust the hour by 1.

Ah, OK. I’d expect it to deal with 8.00 p.m. as local time without adjusting for Daylight Savings changes.

Thanks for the update.



FYI, it is now the 13th, so the Daylight Savings change is in effect. The due times did not change to 20.00 - they’re still showing 21.00, so whatever logic is in the back end just changes the time at the point of creation, but doesn’t reset it after the Daylight Savings time comes into effect.

Noted! I’ll get a development case opened on that. Thanks for checking in :slight_smile: