Ticket Confrmation when Using Tray Icon

I have a client that keeps messaging me saying they have not received a confirmation for their ticket.

I finally dug into it and it appears they are correct in that when they open a ticket through the tray app, no confirmation is sent from my mailbox (which I have setup in O365 so I can monitor).

When they email a ticket in, they get the confirmation saying we have received your info, but not when using the tray icon.

Is there a fix for that?

This is by design. When a customer sends in a ticket via email a response is the only way to confirm that ticket was received by the MSP. Agent Contact Forms have their own confirmation built right into the form. If the ticket fails to send for any reason it will alert the customer with your custom message. Otherwise, the success message is displayed and expectations are typically set within that messaging.

We have a canned response just for this reason. When we see one of those tickets, usually marked as “New” we respond with a canned response. This keeps our clients happy.

We try to keep from having too many “New” tickets. Most of them are “Waiting for Customer” or “In Progress”.

How do we set the tickets that come in from the customer portal to default to a type and technician.