Ticket comment history in email

Hi, it’s possible to have the summary of previous messages for each ticket comment email notification? This can be useful if multiple ticket were created from a single shared email (used by multiple people). Thank you

There are others arround here that could give you a more helpful, more detailed response.

You can edit the template that is used for ticket notifications, and there are {{curlybrace_codes}} you can use to insert info including the ticket comments. I don’t know off hand which one you need but Syncro’s naming tents to be pretty good so you should be able to figure it out.

like I said I know I’ve seen other threads with a lot of detail about what exactly to use etc. but I don’t know how to do it myself.

Ticket comments don’t thread within emails currently. However, we do have the tag {{ticket_public_comments_for_email}} which you could add to your ticket comment email template at Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates > Ticket Comment Email. This will generate a table of previous communications in the email body.