Ticket charge line items cost

When creating a manual line item or adding a product, there is a cost field that can be filled in, but once I have added the line item to the ticket how can you see this cost?

Ideally, I would like to see the total costs and price of all line items on a ticket so that I know the gross profit of the ticket (useful for larger install jobs). Does anyone know how I can get this information for a ticket?

Personally, that sounds like a great addition to me. I wasn’t able to find any way to add a cost total to tickets but if you’re using an Estimate you can turn on Net Margin. That’s under Admin > Estimate Preferences > Additional Settings.

Thanks Alexandra. I was not aware of the Net Margin on estimates and that will be useful. We like to use tickets to manage larger install projects as well as general support, so having the ability to see Net Margin on ticket line items, or even on invoices, in the future would be great. For now, it looks like I can get this info from the API.

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