Ticket battles with other ticketing systems

I’m sorry if this has been posted about already. I couldn’t find it.

Does Syncro have any features to block the ticketing system from getting into a new ticket battle with other ticketing systems? Over the last weekend we received over a thousand new tickets from another ticketing system because both sides kept treating the responses as new tickets and sending auto-responses, which created more new tickets and more auto-responses.

If this isn’t a thing, I would love to see it added. Some sort of rate-limiting or a setting to block auto-responses to an address after a certain threshold is met, would be helpful. Even just an option to Enter addresses to a “do not auto-respond” list would at least help us stop future issues.

Thank you.

I had this discussion with Syncro a while back, and they said it should prevent the issue automatically. However, in your and my experience, that is not the case; ours was triggered when the ticket closed email was sent as it was the last response, so we had to disable it.

Not overly helpful, I know, but you are not the only one who has had this issue.

Edit: I found a response from a ticket I created with Syncro on 16th Feb

“The solution to email loops will be to create rules in your mailbox so that they don’t get forwarded into Syncro because we will treat it as a new ticket. We have no way to block them other than adding them to spam.”